“The Human Hightlight Film”

As an NBA Hall of Famer, Dominique Wilkins cemented his legacy by earning iconic status amongst the NBA’s legends during the most competitive era in basketball history.

Leaving his mark on the NBA history books, as one of the most prolific scorers of all-time, Wilkins is currently planted firmly at the 11th position on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

As a nine-time NBA All-Star, Wilkens is also widely considered as one of the most exciting players to have ever played the game by standing out as one of the best NBA dunkers of all-time, earning him the well deserved nickname of “The Human Highlight Film.”

THE diagnosis

Losing both his father
and grandfather to diabetes, Dominique had a realization that would reshape the rest of his life. At the ripe age of 40, Wilkens got an unexpected diagnosis in the form of Type II Diabetes.

Being an elite athlete, the initial shock lead to denial but the true heart and drive that made him into a legend on the court had fueled him to take action off the court by completely transforming his life, forcing him to rethink his whole entire lifestyle.


Never afraid of a challenge, Dominique captured his calling by embracing the role as an advocate and an active member within the diabetes community.

Educating and raising awareness towards diabetes, Dominique is the acting Global Brand Ambassador for Victoza, under the Novo Nordisk umbrella, the world leader in diabetes health care.


Currently acting as the Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Atlanta Hawks, Wilkins is also a 7 - time Emmy nominated Fox Sports South analyst and with such successes being found off the courts, Wilkins has high aspirations for the next chapter of his career.

THE next chapter

With eyes fixed on new mediums to extend the Domnique Wilkins brand, the attention is now focused on the digital age that surrounds us all today. Wilkins is prepping his brand for a full-on targeted approach, taking complete advantage of his established thought leadership and the brand equity accrued throughout his professional career.

Entering into uncharted waters, Wilkins experienced tremendous success in a limited amount of time. Striking while the iron is hot, the time has come to start building out the sponsorship team that will join Wilkins on creating his next ‘Human Hightlight Film’ for the next chapter of the history books.


Case Study - Measuring Dominique’s Influence

Two months into the rollout strategy, the results look more promising than ever. The basketball thought leaders of the day are now embracing Dominique as a go-to figure within the basketball community to bridge the gap with analysis of one of the most covered debates within NBA coverage today — “How do the new and next generation NBA superstars stack up to the legends from greatest era in basketball history?”. Wilkins’ unique and calculated perspective is a much needed breathe of fresh air that cuts to the core of the hottest debate in basketball.


Dominique’s Voice Matters!

This is the opportunity to align brands at the inception of a well placed and executed marketing strategy that looks into and beyond 2018. This strategic partnership takes a proven leader with a body of work that stretches over three decades on and off the court. The time is now to be a part of Dominique's reactivation into the market.


The Next Chapter

Welcome to Dominique 2.0, a direct positioning strategy to have the Dominique Wilkens name coming from every sports fan’s set-top box in the living room, to all the computer monitors found at their desks and just a touch away on all their mobile devices.


THE Inaugural


Atlanta, Georgia

An NBA like experience with all the bells-and-whistles and bumps-and-bruises of the elite lifestyle. Our Fantasy Campers will be coached and watched by NBA legends, such as Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, Dikembe Mutombo, Kevin Willis, and Dr. J, for the camps entirety and in a reversal of roles, those campers will get to put on a show and entertain the names and personalities of those they grew up watching and loving.

Human Highlight

The first ever fantasy camp held under:



This Fantasy Camp will be run in partnership with the Atlanta Hawks staff and trainers to provide an NBA experience like no other. Campers will finally get to experience what a condensed week in the NBA actually feels like.

Fantasy Camp will be targeted towards the 30-65 year old demographic. This camp will be targeted to not only the legendary Dominique Wilkins fans, but to all basketball fans and weekend warriors alike.

Health and wellness will have a major place in the camps itinerary and make up. As a result of his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis 14 years ago, it has been a mission of Dominique to preach not only health and wellness changes, but lifestyle changes as well. This camp is total life encompassing; how we eat, exercise, sleep, rest, play and most importantly manage stress.

guest legends

NBA Superstars and
Hall of Famers
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Karl Malone
  • Allen Iverson
  • Dikembe Mutombo
  • Kevin Willis
  • Dr. J

Just to Name a Few!

(More bookings will be announced closer to launch date)


On behalf of myself and my team, we would like to congratulate your organization on being chosen to participate in my inaugural fantasy camp. This opportunity stems from my desire to bring in the best brands and organizations, across several industries, to create an amazing event of many more to come!



Tip-Off/ Welcome Diner

Access to and Exclusive branding rights to the weekend’s events. Exclusive diners table front and center at banquet.

Speaking Opportunity

As Title Sponsor, your organization has first right of refusal of 1 of 4 guaranteed speakers spots. All speakers and session content must be approved by camp administrator.

VIP Entrance / Signage

Exclusive entrance and signage to Private VIP cocktail reception at the camp welcome party post dinner.

Champions/ Farewell Dinner

As Title Sponsor, access to awards dinner with exclusive table seating. Will be presented an award and recognized for their contribution at the banquet.

Email/Social Media Campaign

Premium Logo placement on all collateral and signage (digital and physical)

Registration & On-site Presence

Optional exclusive opportunity to place “booth” or collateral table of your own adjacent to the registration table at camp as well as full time on-site in gym or gym entrance.

Post-Camp Attendee Mailing List

Approved exclusive digital message/post card sent to all camp attendees.

Standard Entitlements

Details located below page



Tip-Off/ Welcome Diner

Access to and Exclusive branding rights to the weekend’s events.

Champions/ Farewell Dinner

As Presenting Sponsor, access to awards dinner with table seating. Will be verbally recognized for their contribution at the banquet.

Email/Social Media Campaign

Logo placement on all collateral and signage (digital and physical)

Post-Camp Attendee Mailing List

Logo inclusion in the official digital thank you from the camp.

Standard Entitlements

Details located below page



Email/Social Media Campaign

Logo placement on all collateral and signage (digital and physical)

VIP Passes

Access to Official Welcome Party (4 VIP Passes)

Standard Entitlements

Details located below page

Jump shot


Logo Placements

Logo placement on all collateral and signage on–site

VIP Passes

Access to Official Welcome Party (2 VIP Passes)

Standard Entitlements

Details located below page



Logo Placements

Logo placement on all collateral and signage on–site

Standard Entitlements

Details located below page


Sponsorship recognition on select marketing materials (print, online and on-site)

Logo and link on sponsorship page of camp website (title and presenting sponsors will be allotted 100-word editorial on site page)

Organizations/Companies material, product, collateral in all Welcome Gear Gift Bags

First right of refusal for 2015



All packages and indications must be committed by April 15th

A minimum deposit of 35% of the total invoice amount must be received no later than 30 days after date of invoice. Any remaining participation fees must be paid in full no later than 60 days prior to event.

Thank you

Our vision at the camp is not just basketball. The camp will act as a platform to bring about total lifestyle awareness and luxury. It’s a weekend in the life of what I have been blessed to experience and live through my career in the NBA. I invite you to review these options outlined above with the excitement and passion I have for what I know will be an extremely successful inaugural event. I very much look forward to your response.